[phenixbb] model vs Wilson b-factor

Pavel Afonine PAfonine at lbl.gov
Wed Apr 21 12:50:26 PDT 2010

> By the way, I have a related question for Pavel. When you guys were 
> culling the PDB for structures, was there any attention paid to 
> correct the ones that have residual B-factors in the PDB file? 

Yes, it's taken care of automatically by phenix.model_vs_data: it 
automatically recognizes if a PDB file contains residual or total 
B-factors. Twinning is takes care of too. There will be paper about it 
soon. The results of  phenix.model_vs_data run for "all" PDB entries 
forms the database for POLYGON.

> I am asking this, because a few structures I solved recently to ~2 
> Angstrom resolution were all closer to the upper range of observed 
> structures according to POLYGON, so I thought this could possibly be 
> one reason.

If you tell me which structures concern you then I will check.


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