[phenixbb] Phenix.refine in WinXP?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at wisc.edu
Wed Apr 21 13:10:39 PDT 2010

Now that Phenix has a nice GUI and all that, will there ever be a Windows 

And a similar question: has anyone managed to get phenix.refine from 
cci_apps for Win32 distribution running? I can't seem to make it run:

1. Installer says run \cci_apps_build\setpaths.bat
The script produces an error:
Fatal Error: Incomplete libtbx environment\!
Please re-run the libtbx/configure.py command.

2. configure.py is found in two places:
When I run either of them with command
         python configure.py
I get an error "ImportError: No module named libtbx.env_config"

3. There is no file libtbx.env_config anywhere in the installation. There 
is file \cci_apps_build\libtbx_env. Placing it in the same directory with 
configure.py does not help. Even renaming libtbx_env. to libtbx.env_config 
and running "python configure.py" still gives an error "No module named 
libtbx.env_config" (?)

4. If I just run phenix.refine executable from its directory, it stops with 
en error:
   File "c:\cci_apps_sources\mmtbx\secondary_structure.py", line 941, in 
     raise RuntimeError, "KSDSSP not available"
RuntimeError: KSDSSP not available

Thanks in advance for any help! I am comfortable setting any environmental 
variables manually - just need to know what they should be.


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