[phenixbb] how to generate sharpened map for input into Pymol

Pavel Afonine PAfonine at lbl.gov
Sat Apr 24 13:33:14 PDT 2010

Hi Daqi,

I will add this feature next week. This will be an option of phenix.maps 


On 4/24/10 11:23 AM, Daqi Tu wrote:
> I found a convoluted way. Input Phenix map coefficients into CCP4 
> program CAD, apply negative B factor scaling. Then input resulting mtz 
> file into CCP4 program FFT to generate CCP4 style map which Pymol can 
> also read. I have not tried the new Phenix command line tool 
> phenix.maps and do not know if it has B-factor sharpening option.  But 
> would be nice to have it, like in CNS 1.2.
> Daqi
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> Subject: how to generate sharpened map for input into Pymol
>> Hi,
>> I am generating a electron density map figure in pymol for my structure.
>> Since the data is very anisotropic, map sharpening has proven to be 
>> quite
>> useful. The structure was solved using Phenix. How do I generate an 
>> Xplor
>> style map in Phenix that incorporates sharpening?
>> Thanks.
>> Daqi Tu
>> Postdoc
>> Eck lab
>> Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
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