[phenixbb] r-work and r-free for specific resolution range(s)

Kay Diederichs kay.diederichs at uni-konstanz.de
Wed Aug 4 10:22:08 PDT 2010


is there a way to get the R-factor statistics from phenix.refine, for a 
specific resolution range, e.g. 2.5-2.6A ? The reason I ask is that I 
would like to specify the same resolution range as the data reduction 
program does.

I tried with
phenix.reflection_statistics x_map_coeffs.mtz x_data.mtz 
--low-resolution=2.6 --resolution=2.5

but with the default settings, phenix.refine writes 2FOFCWT and FOFCWT, 
but not FC . So it looks like I have to re-run phenix.refine and make it 
write out FC? Or is it easier to run phenix.xmanip for that purpose?



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