[phenixbb] indicating proper SUBJECT

Alexandre Urzhumtsev sacha at igbmc.fr
Fri Aug 6 01:15:19 PDT 2010


Sorry to interfere, in no case I want to play a police.
However, I would like to ask all phenixbb-participants to respect other and 
when sending their mails :

- to USE the "subject" in all sending mesages (no mails with empty 
"subject") and
- to use it PROPERLY (just recently we had several examples of irrelevant 
subject; I do not want to point them out explicitly)

Indicating a proper subject is a matter of saving time of others, making 
proper archives and facilitating searches in them later.

This problem is also relevant to the CCP4bb even when a similar request of 
putting proper "subject" was posted there many times. (Personally, I think 
this should be done in ANY correspondence, even to your friends, not only 
to phenixbb or ccp4bb.)

	In addition, I think that a presence of your name at the end of your mail 
is also a rule of a politeness (that is also not respected in a number of 
letters to our bb-s).

With best regards,


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