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Abd Ghani Abd Aziz ghanieerhyme at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 02:15:58 PDT 2010

hi there,

I've paste to you the bottom of the log file in the previous email.. well I've checked the phenix.solve and phenix.resolve .. they both run.. 


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Hi Ghani,
Try this:Why do I get "None of the solve versions worked" in AutoSol?If you get this or a similar message for resolve, first have a look at LAST.LOG if it exists in your AutoSol_run_xx_ or AutoBuild_run_xx_ directory. The end of that file may give you a hint as to what was wrong.The next thing to try is running one of these commands (just kill them with control-C if they do run):phenix.solve
If these load up solve or resolve, then they basically work and the problem is probably in the size of your dataset, some formatting issue, or the like.If they do not run, then the problem is in your system setup. If you are using redhat linux, try changing the option of selinux to selinux=disabled in your /etc/sysconfig/selinux file.
If that doesn't solve the problem, let me know!All the best,Tom T

On Aug 11, 2010, at 1:14 PM, Abd Ghani Abd Aziz wrote:
Dear All,

Just been trying to run autosol for SAD data with the new phenix
(1.6.4-486) on ubuntu, but I get an error message:
Failed to carry out AutoSol_scale_and_analyze_mad:

None of the solve versions worked
xtriage appears to run OK, and I get the same error with unmerged or
merged scalepack data.

The same files in 1.6-289 (admittedly on OSX) work fine.

I wonder if there is a known problem with this version of phenix?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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