[phenixbb] reflection outliers detection in phenix.refine

guanrj at foxmail.com guanrj at foxmail.com
Wed Dec 8 11:45:24 PST 2010

Hi All

I have a question regarding reflection outliers detection in phenix.refine:
in my input reflection file, there are 24432 reflections, but only 22769 of them 
were used in refinement. I checked the log file and saw 1663 outliers. 

(below if from the log)
basic_wilson_outliers    = 14
extreme_wilson_outliers  = 18
beamstop_shadow_outliers = 0
model_based_outliers     = 1657
total                    = 1663

What is the  "model_based_outliers"?  What causes so many reflections rejected
and not used in the refinement?     



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