[phenixbb] AUTOSOL for MAD data with error message-'Need a symfile for solve'

Peter Czabotar czabotar at wehi.EDU.AU
Tue May 4 00:14:27 PDT 2010

I am also having this problem, has this been corrected? I am using
phenix-1.6.1 through the phenix GUI.

Peter Czabotar

>Hi again Frank and Graeme and Mohan,
>This is now fixed and should be available in tomorrow's build of PHENIX.
>Most setting should now be available in Autosol (this bug only affected
>Autosol, not Autobuild or any other PHENIX routines).
>Thanks for pointing out the problem (and Mohan if this does not solve it
>in your case, please let me know and I'll continue to fix it).
>All the best,
>Tom T
>> Hi Frank and Graeme and Mohan,
>> Yes, P 2 21 21 should be allowed in autosol. I see that it doesn't work
>> and I'll fix that.
>> All the best,
>> Tom T
>>>> Um, this one has been hacked to death on ccp4bb:  there is in fact
>>>> nothing wrong or "non-standard" with that setting.  If the program
>>>> won't
>>>> handle it, email the authors and ask them to fix it.
>>>> Reindexing is an almighty pain in the butt.
>>>> That said:  it sounds like you may be pointing at an out-of-date
>>>> symmetry operator file;  I forget which environment variable it is,
>>>> check the manual, but point it to an up-to-date ccp4 installation, and
>>>> I
>>>> suspect it will be fine.
>>>> phx

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