[phenixbb] Input NCS operators for AutoBuild

Mark A Saper saper at umich.edu
Tue May 4 19:54:50 PDT 2010

This questions may be best answered by Tom.

Does anyone know how to generate a custom NCS definition file that AutoBuild will read from the refinement format?  The parameter is input_ncs_file =

I used phenix.simple_ncs_from_pdb to generate 3 ncs format files.  But I could not figure out how to make the program use my definitions.  In any case simple_ncs_from_pdb outputs 3 formats in ./phenix/tmp:


I tried the last one, but it has no residue or chain specification.  Should I use the .ncs_spec?  The first one is for phenix.refine.

Thanks, Mark
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