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Lance Westerhoff lance at quantumbioinc.com
Wed May 5 07:28:11 PDT 2010

Hello All-

We have an opening at QuantumBio Inc. for an Industrial Post Doc in Xray Crystallography Software Development. Below is the short job description. The position is based at QuantumBio Inc. headquarters in State College, PA (home of Penn State), and begins immediately. We expect that the successful candidate will have a good understanding of the innards of PHENIX (hence the present audience) and be willing to work with our software engineers as needed to integrate PHENIX and QuantumBio's linear scaling QM offerings and of course validate the resulting method both on proprietary and public data. A good understanding of C++ and/or Python will go a long way. We will be validating the software on-site at at least one of our pharma collaborators along the way, so this is also a good opportunity to get to know practitioners in the field.

Contact: Dr. Lance M. Westerhoff, lance at quantumbioinc.com, 814-235-6908

Job Description:

Beginning immediately: QuantumBio Inc., headquartered adjacent to The Pennsylvania State University in scenic State College, PA, is in need of a post doctoral computational Biochemist/Chemist or Xray Crystallographer interested in continuing his or her career within a dynamic, small-company environment.  Under the direction of Dr. Lance M. Westerhoff, General Manager of QuantumBio Inc., the successful candidate will work with both academic and industrial partners to help transition and validate the novel, quantum mechanically based Xray refinement technologies recently developed in the academic laboratory of Dr. Kenneth M. Merz Jr. to QuantumBio’s product line.

The successful candidate will be integral to this project and will focus his or her efforts on the research and software development aspects necessary to validate and deploy this novel technology across the pharmaceutical industry. The position requires the candidate to have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related field and have extensive experience with PHENIX and/or other similar xray refinement packages along with an understanding of modern software development principles. Due to the limited number of new work visas available, only American citizens or candidates with valid work permits will be considered at this time.  A willingness to publish, and experience with C++ and high performance programming is a plus.

Opportunities for advancement may be available through additional SBIR/STTR-style projects, and industry-supported collaborations.  Further, in addition to the research and development duties of the project, the position will afford the successful candidate with access to and experience with QuantumBio’s industry partners including a number of pharmaceutical, biotech, and computational firms.

Interested candidates should submit at their earliest convenience their CV, one or two representative publications, and a cover letter capturing the following items:

* Outline of the types of structures you have worked with and your experiences in the field.
* Summary your method research and software development experiences to date.
* Discussion of your level of experience with QM, semi-empirical QM, and molecular mechanics.
* Also, will you require sponsorship to legally work for a for-profit company in the US and when will you be available?

About QuantumBio:

QuantumBio Inc is accelerating drug discovery efforts by providing pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and life science research organizations with a next generation of Computer-Assisted Drug Design (CADD) and Computer-Assisted Molecular Modeling (CAMM) solutions based on the increased accuracy and power of quantum mechanics. These solutions include a number of options tailored to each customer’s specific requirements including software licensing, services, and customization.  See http://www.quantumbioinc.com/ for more!

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the position.

Lance M. Westerhoff, Ph.D.
General Manager
QuantumBio Inc. 

WWW:    http://www.quantumbioinc.com
Email:    lance at quantumbioinc.com

Phone:   814-235-6908
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