[phenixbb] how to create /refine a protein with a modified residue

vincent Chaptal vchaptal at mednet.ucla.edu
Thu May 13 11:36:51 PDT 2010

Dear phenixbb,

i have a protein on which a cysteine has been modified and I can't find
a way to refine my structure with it.
this seams like a fairly easy problem as a lot of people are refining
structures with post-translational modifications, but i can't find the
info on how to do it.
Could someone point me to a web page explaining it?

If i understand correctly, i have to create the modified residue, create
the restraints, and define it as a L-peptide. Is that correct?
thanks a lot


Vincent Chaptal

Dept. of Physiology at UCLA


Phone: 1-310-206-1399

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