[phenixbb] Restraining altloc related atoms during refinement

John Pascal John.Pascal at mail.jci.tju.edu
Thu May 20 08:54:33 PDT 2010

Hello All,

I would like to restrain the positions of ribose/phosphate atoms of 
altloc 'A' to the positions of those in altloc 'B'.  Problem is,
altloc A and altloc B are different residue types, so phenix.refine
exits stating that there are no common atoms when I enter the
following NCS-type restraint:

chain I and altloc A and resid 1 and (phosphate or ribose)
chain I and altloc B and resid 1 and (phosphate or ribose)

I am using the phenix GUI.  Is there a better place to enter this type
of restraint (rather than NCS) that does not care if a P atom is from
a Cd or from a Gd residue type?  thanks.


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