[phenixbb] PDB Deposition Question

Pavel Afonine PAfonine at lbl.gov
Mon May 24 20:11:11 PDT 2010

Hi Alex,
it is strange... How you obtained the MTZ file? Can you send the output 
of this command:

phenix.mtz.dump data.mtz


Are you sure you use the MTZ file with the data and not the one 
containing map coefficients?


> Hi all - I refined a structure using Phenix 1.4-3 and now I need to
> submit it to the PDB.  When I try to run sfcheck on the .mtz that
> Phenix generated, sfcheck can't read the file.  I also tried to
> convert the .mtz to .cns using phenix.reflection_file_converter.  This
> time, sfcheck could "not find IOBS or FOBS in your file".  Any advice
> would be greatly appreciated.

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