[phenixbb] possible bug in GUI/group ADP refinement mode (dev-572)

Engin Özkan eozkan at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 11 17:14:40 PST 2010

Dear Phenix Developers,

A lab member told me that in the latest nightly build (dev-572, for OS 
X-intel), the GUI appears to override Group ADP mode. Specifically, if 
one selects "Group ADP refinement mode" as "Group Selection" in the GUI, 
and reopens the same window later on, the mode seems to have reverted to 
something else (like two groups per residue). The workaround is to "Edit 
parameters and run". I have reproduced this problem with my own files. 
Can you guys reproduce this, or are we missing something here?


Engin Özkan
Post-doctoral Scholar
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Dept of Molecular and Cellular Physiology
279 Campus Drive, Beckman Center B173
Stanford School of Medicine
Stanford, CA 94305
ph: (650)-498-7111

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