[phenixbb] Question about structure quality

Jason phenix.upitt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 13:32:55 PDT 2011


I have a refined structure with phenix.

The resolution=3.8 angstrom. Molprobity analysis shows following. Can anyone
tell me if the structure is acceptable or I need to do something to improve
it before going to publication? Thanks.

Poor rotamers20.95%Goal: <1%Ramachandran outliers6.15%Goal: <0.2%Ramachandran
favored80.13%Goal: >98%Cβ deviations >0.25Å23Goal: 0Residues with bad bonds:
0.00%Goal: 0%Residues with bad angles:0.75%
Structural Biology Department
University of Pittsburgh
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