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Bhuiya, Mohammad Mohammad.Bhuiya at drexelmed.edu
Tue Apr 5 14:40:41 PDT 2011

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I am a new user in Phenix mailing list. I want to download Phenix in Windows Vista platform to refine structure.  I selected 32-bit (Windows XP or newer) [download .exe <https://www.phenix-online.org/download/phenix/nightly/send_octet_stream.cgi?tag=2011_01_25_1225&file=cci_apps_win_xp_vc90_py271.exe> ] and run it (Phenix version 1.7).


 I got a new windows with command line (c:/.)

UnZipSFX 5.50 of 17 february, by Info-ZIP (ZIP-Bugs at list.wku.edu <mailto:ZIP-Bugs at list.wku.edu> ).

Replace cci_apps_sources/antlr3/antlrconfig.h.in? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll------------


I don't know what I should do to install the program, though I used yes/all but it doesn't work.


I will appreciate if you help me to install Phenix in Windows Vista platform. 


Thank you.



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