[phenixbb] phenix don't start

Nathaniel Echols nechols at lbl.gov
Sun Apr 10 09:00:02 PDT 2011

2011/4/10 albert <leuven at yeah.net>:
>   I installed Phenix-1.7-650 in my SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP3 X64 system
> from source code. When I source /soft/phenix-1.7/phenix-1.7-650/phenix_env
> and try to run it by typing phenix in terminal, it is said:
> ...
>   File "/soft/phenix-1.7/phenix-1.7-650/phenix/wxGUI2/App.py", line 11, in
> <module>
>     import wx
> ImportError: No module named wx

Please install from binary first, and use the source installer only if
none of the binaries work.  Some platforms have problems compiling
wxPython properly (Fedora 6 and CentOS 5 are the systems we have
noticed this on), for reasons we don't understand.  We generally don't
have time to debug source compilation on every possible platform - and
there is almost always a binary installer that will work just as well.
 You should start with the installer built on FC3, and move up from
there if it doesn't work (but it's usually the most compatible).

(That said, we seem to have unusually many problems with SUSE Linux -
not sure why.)

> The python in my OS is 2.4 with wxpython installed. I don't know why it
> cannot start.

It doesn't matter if the OS has Python/wxPython or not - because we
use relatively new features in both and can't rely on the OS being
up-to-date, we distribute a complete set of libraries with the PHENIX


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