[phenixbb] R free test set size

Yuri yuri.pompeu at ufl.edu
Wed Apr 20 15:14:00 PDT 2011

hello everyone,
I just noticed that the latest model I am working on has only 2% of 
reflections marked as free R after refinement!
I usually give the GUI the .sca files out of HKL2000 that do not have 
an Rfree array pre-defined. The GUI lets you know about the lack of it 
and asks me if I want generate a test set of 10%. I say yes. However 
the pdb header shows the only 2.14% are chosen for free R.
I see that some of my other models (lower resolution) have test arrays 
of around 7-10% as I would expect.
How can I explicitly define the size I want?

Yuri Pompeu

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