[phenixbb] phenix.mr_rosetta

Andreas Förster docandreas at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 09:36:13 PDT 2011

Dear all,

I've made the frightening plunge into the cold waters of Rosetta (3.3 
this time) again, with an eye on using it with Phenix, and am sharing 
the joy.

Things work, but:

- Download rosetta_source and rosetta_database separately.  The bundle 
doesn't contain all the files.

- Compilation fails on RHEL 6.1 (gcc 4.5 issue) but sails on RHEL 5.5.

- $PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH must point to the Rosetta installation directory 
(where rosetta_source and rosetta_database sit).  Don't be misled by the 
phenix.mr_rosetta documentation into setting $PHENIX_ROSETTTA_PATH 
(triple T).

- all directories in the Rosetta installation must be made accessible to 
   find $PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH -type d -exec chmod 755 '{}' \;

Hope that helps someone.


         Andreas Förster, Research Associate
         Paul Freemont & Xiaodong Zhang Labs
Department of Biochemistry, Imperial College London

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