[phenixbb] changing project directory

Jens Kaiser kaiser at caltech.edu
Tue Aug 16 11:24:24 PDT 2011

Hi all,
  I have project data on external hard drives. As I use several
different file systems, and mount the drives in random order, I cannot
rely on the device being mounted in the same mount point. In order to
keep paths consistent, I link the project directories into my home. This
used to work fine. I recently created a project, and phenix seemed to
have used the real path instead of the link-path (That's not the
problem, yet). I tried to manually edit ~/.phenix/project_db.phil, but
it still tries to write in a non-existing directory. A naive 'grep -R
"disk-1" ~/.phenix' did not reveal any obvious file either.
  Where can I change the directory associated with a project

Thanks for your time,


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