[phenixbb] Recovering Autobuild from tty disconnect

Thomas C. Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Fri Aug 26 16:55:06 PDT 2011

Hi Francis,

If you run from the GUI and choose to run "detached" I would think that
should do the job....(You may have to specify "edit parameters and run/
run detached to get this option).

For AutoBuild, no there is no way to restart the job. However you might
just look through the log file, pick out the best model so far, and
restart with that one.

All the best,
Tom T

>> Our job submission node disconnects 'idle' after 4 hours of inactivity. As
>> most grid / autobuild  jobs take about that long I end being disconnected
>> while the grid jobs complete.
>> [1] Screen is not an option since access to the job submission node is via
>> a load balancer and none of the job submission nodes allow access unless
>> you're coming from the load balancer . i.e. there's no way to get to
>> original machine where your screen has been started
>> [2] all processes are sent SIGKILL during this automatic logout preventing
>> the use of nohup.. will background=True work?
>> [3] In the meantime, is it possible to resurrect the current autobuild?
>> I've got FINISHED in all the autobuild's submitted to the grid, but
>> everytime I try to combine_only=True run=my_run_number, I start from the
>> beginning (with submitting the autobuild jobs to the cluster) even when
>> I've moved the best of each build into MULTIPLE_MODELS.
>> Thanks!
>> F
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