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Tue Feb 1 11:14:07 PST 2011

Dear Tom,

I have downloaded new phenix 1.7 and did autsol. It produces two resolve_1.mtz and resolve_2.mtz and exptl_fobs_phases_freeR_flags_1_with_hl_anom.mtz.

1. resolve_1.mtz has good solvent boundaries other two maps not good at all.
Thought Expt_fobs should have modified phase information?

I did traced 3.0 ang map R/Rfree is 25/32 %. Thought may be some error in the model may
be back trace etc... ? Is it possible for a wrong trace at this R/Rfree values?

I did tried to Autobuild several times to get a other possible trace options by given my
model as input build in place both true and false , but Autobuild never given me any
satisfactory result.

So I tried phenix.find_helix options without any model that given me different trace , so like
to proceed in that direction.

Is it possible to get polyalanine model for the entire trace instead of CA either from find_helix_strand or from autobuild?


So I t

--- On Tue

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