[phenixbb] 'python' received an X Window System error.

guanrj at foxmail.com guanrj at foxmail.com
Thu Feb 10 13:46:42 PST 2011

it is Fedora release 7.
the whole program crahsed.  I did not test it again for reproducibility. 

I saw the message in the morning;  I started it last afternoon and it seemed okay
before I left. 

I will run it again and see what happen. 

by the way, this is a cluster, and I accessed from my PC by ssh.
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On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 7:04 AM, Rongjin <guanrj at foxmail.com> wrote:
> when I was running Phenix for model building, I encountered some error.
> Is this a bug?
>  close failed in file object destructor:
> The program 'python' received an X Window System error.
> This probably reflects a bug in the program.
> The error was 'BadIDChoice (invalid resource ID chosen for this
> connection)'.

I've never seen this before, but it's a very low-level error, probably
in one of the third-party GUI libraries.  What distribution (including
version) of Linux are you using?  Did the entire program crash, and
was this reproducible?  And do you remember what was happening just
before you got this error?

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