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qiang liu qiangliuscu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 03:47:29 PST 2011

Hi,Dear all,
 Maybe it's a simple question for you,because I am a beginner in
crystallography. Recently I deposited a structure in the pdb and got a reply
"The deposited structure factor file is incomplete. We failed convert the
deposited mtz file to cif format. Please send me the correct SF file
including h, k, l, F, SigmaF (and/or I and SigmaI)and test flags as an
 The mtz file I uploaded is map_coeffs.mtz after refinement.The column
lables are listed.

 type    column lable
 H             H
 H             K
 H             L
 F             2FOFCWT
 P             PH2FOFCWT
 F             2FOFCWT_no_fill
 P             PH2FOFCWT_no_fill
 F             FOFCWT
 P             PHFOFCWT

 So how can I get the parameters for deposition in PHENIX?  Any suggestions
will be appreciated! Thank you very much.

Qiang Liu
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