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In your phenix parameter,  select "phs" as map_coeffcients_format, the phs file can be read directly by xfit.  Below is my parameter's map section:

electron_density_maps {
    map_format = *xplor
    map_coefficients_format = *mtz *phs
    suppress = None
    map {
      mtz_label_amplitudes = "2FOFCWT_new"
      mtz_label_phases = "PH2FOFCWT_new"
      likelihood_weighted = True
      obs_factor = 2
      calc_factor = 1
    map {
      mtz_label_amplitudes = "FOFCWT_new"
      mtz_label_phases = "PHFOFCWT_new"
      likelihood_weighted = True
      obs_factor = 1
      calc_factor = 1




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Hi -

Anyone have a script to convert phenix .mtz output so I can read in maps in xfit? I still find xfit handy for a few things.

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