[phenixbb] adp values

Agnieszka kiliszek at ibch.poznan.pl
Mon Jan 24 08:30:26 PST 2011


I have 1.96 resolution structure (RNA) which I refine with individual 
adp factors. I found that in some cases the differences of apd between 
the covalently bonded atoms is quite large, for example: phosphate 24 
and one of the oxygen 33; O4' - 26 and C1'-18. In extreme case for the 
so4 anion is: sulphate atom 63 and one of the oxygen 31. Why is it 
I was trying refmac and the b-factors are totally different (they are 
much bigger). Is it because of scaling and resolution?

thank you in advance,

Agnieszka Kiliszek

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