[phenixbb] AutoBuild fails using NFS on Snow Leopard

Chris Richardson Chris.Richardson at icr.ac.uk
Fri Jan 28 08:15:40 PST 2011

I've been having a problem running AutoBuild jobs in NFS-mounted project directories on Snow Leopard.  The jobs start ok, but typically fail in a build cycle with the error "File exists".  The problem is reproducible, but the exact details of the failure are not - the point at which the error occurs changes from run to run.  Identical jobs run to completion if the project directory is on a local disk or an AFP-mounted volume.

My guess is that it's a file locking issue, or maybe some sort of race condition in file creation.  Has anybody else experienced this and if so, is there a solution?

The details are: OS X 10.6.6, mounting volumes by NFS from a variety of machines (Ubuntu 10.0.4, OS X 10.6.6 & 10.4), Phenix 1.7-650.



-----%<----{ Log Extract }-----

Sorry, a subprocess has failed...

END OF LOG FILE /work/nedu/foop/phenix_nedu_nfs/AutoBuild_run_3_/TEMP0/RUN_FILE_3.log :

  File "/common/app/phenix-1.7-650/phenix/phenix/autosol/wizard_command_line.py", line 132, in __init__
  File "/common/app/phenix-1.7-650/phenix/phenix/wizards/AutoBuild.py", line 83, in __init__
  File "/common/app/phenix-1.7-650/phenix/phenix/autosol/AutoBaseExtend.py", line 613, in local_init
    quiet=self.quiet,OutputDir=self.OutputDir)  #032107 OutputDir
  File "/common/app/phenix-1.7-650/phenix/phenix/autosol/RunWizardPDS.py", line 65, in __init__
  File "/common/app/phenix-1.7-650/phenix/phenix/pds/ScriptPDS.py", line 29, in __init__
    PhenixDataStorage.__init__(self, dirname)
  File "/common/app/phenix-1.7-650/phenix/phenix/pds/PDS.py", line 233, in __init__
OSError: [Errno 17] File exists: 'PDS/AutoBuild_run_1_'

Possibly this subprocess is run on a machine with different 
architecture than the main process?
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