[phenixbb] Only one solution in AutoMR with very negative LLG

Green, Todd green at cbse.uab.edu
Wed Mar 16 11:21:52 PDT 2011

Can you just rescale the data in C2 if you did the integration in P2? I know HKL2000(at least the gui will) will flag you for trying to switch bravais lattices. i feel like this is not exactly what you meant if got good scaling statistics.

As for HKL2000 not auto-finding your C-centered monoclinic space group, you can play around with the number of peaks(add more or use less), the peak size, and resolution limits. Some combination has worked for us when we had a tricky crystals with alternating weak and heavy rows.


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So, I just rescaled the integrated data (P2) to C2. The statistics of scale
is OK, and there is no obvious violation.

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