[phenixbb] "FOM" or HL coeffs from model?

Phoebe Rice price at uchicago.edu
Mon Mar 21 14:23:03 PDT 2011

How can I get phenix to spit out not just PhiModel but an estimated FOM or fake HL coefficients (without experimental phases - just based on how badly my model agrees with FOBS)?  And I'd like the weights in their own personal mtz column(s), not just precombined in a "weighted phi" column.

In case anybody cares why, I'd like to use solvent massaging and domain-wise averaging to remove bias from a low-resolution model-phased map, preferably with DM, unless anybody has a better suggestion. I did rigid body, TLS, etc on the model in phenix, so it seems like phenix has already calculated all the info I want if I could only squeeze it out.

thanks, Phoebe

Phoebe A. Rice
Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
The University of Chicago
phone 773 834 1723

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