[phenixbb] rotamers

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Thu Mar 24 02:57:19 PDT 2011

> However I'm fairly sure though that if you deposit data in the PDB with zero occupancy atoms, the curators remove the atoms anyway and stick them in one of the header comments - true?

Interesting... I do not know whether it happens or not, but if it does 
happen then is really terrible. As the author of the structure I am 
responsible for its content, and if someone manipulates the structure I 
would not like to be responsible for it. So I guess this kind of 
manipulation (again, if it takes place) should be documented in PDB file 
header along with the name of the person who did it (well, in that case 
he or she becomes a co-author! -:) )


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