[phenixbb] Cross Validation Reflection Set question

Nathaniel Echols nechols at lbl.gov
Sun Nov 6 18:20:37 PST 2011

On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 6:14 PM, Yuri <yuri.pompeu at ufl.edu> wrote:
>> I just tried doing this, and it looks like the R-free flags will cover
>> the full resolution range, at least with the current code.
> By current code, you mean 1.7.2-869 and newer, right?

"Current" in this case means "as of 10AM this morning", but I would be
surprised if 1.7.2 was any different.  It should be easy to confirm,

> One last question does phnix do NCS averaging to improve maps?

Not phenix.refine, but AutoBuild will certainly do this.


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