[phenixbb] Memory and CPU usage

Jon Agirre jon.agirre at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 03:05:37 PDT 2012

Dear community,

I'm planning on buying a new macbook for my first abroad postdoc venture,
and I'm currently trying decide what amount of RAM & CPU to choose. My
question is a little bit intricate: is there any rule of thumb to estimate
the needed RAM versus the number of input atoms for any particular
refinement type?

I'm planning on tackling some big (18,000 residues/asu) refinements but I
don't have any estimation as to how many GBs of RAM they might require. The
maximum amount of RAM I can install is 16GB, but it is a non-standard
configuration that might void Apple's warranty.

About the CPU: how scalable are typical phenix processes? Would it be
sensible to invest in a quad-core machine with HT? In this particular case,
and since HT would present 8 logical cores, would I get any speed up from
launching phenix tasks configured for 8 processors instead of 4?

Thanks in advance!

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