[phenixbb] need help

Afshan Begum afshan490 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 04:43:09 PDT 2012

Dear Experts

I am refining my structures in windows mode and every time i got this crash message i do not know how to solve this issue? If any one encountered this 
problem kindly suggest me how to solve it. While when i refine with refmac the file proceeds smoothly but i want to final refinement in phenix due to utilize some parameters.its end like this:

Exporting results ==============================

Writing refined structure to PDB file:
  C:\Documents and Settings\pc user\Desktop\Refine_2\jbu_refine_2.pdb
n_use            =  7514
n_use_u_both     =  7514
n_use_u_iso      =  0
n_use_u_aniso    =  0
n_grad_site      =  0
n_grad_u_iso     =  0
n_grad_u_aniso   =  0
n_grad_occupancy =  331
n_grad_fp        =  0
n_grad_fdp       =  0
total number of scatterers =  7514

After that its not produce the map file and gave errore crash mesage file attached.


Your suggestion highly obliged

I would be very thankful to you

Best Regards

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