[phenixbb] Wilson B and REMARK 3

Michael Thompson miket at chem.ucla.edu
Mon May 28 12:01:43 PDT 2012

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding the Wilson B information reported in REMARK 3 of a pdb file. I am preparing a pdb file for deposition, and I am wondering which is the most appropriate value to report as the Wilson B in REMARK 3? My inclination is to report the Wilson B for the full dataset calculated by XSCALE. This value differs slightly from the Wilson B value calculated by phenix.refine and printed to the refinement log file (XSCALE=27.6 vs. phenix.refine=19.8). I assume this difference is due to phenix.refine using a low-resolution cutoff of ~20A. My concern stems from the fact that REMARK 3 "presents information on refinement program(s) used and the related statistics," so I'm not sure if it's best to include the Wilson B calculated by the refinement software, or the Wilson B for the whole data set.



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