[phenixbb] Pause phenix runs

Mark J van Raaij mjvanraaij at cnb.csic.es
Fri Apr 12 04:15:51 PDT 2013

Just wondering if being able to pause a phenix run would be something useful. Currently, it appears one can only abort.
Currently doing refinement of a large structure, and doing several simultaneous runs with different options is slowing down the computer too much. Individual runs take about 72 hrs, so o/n is not an option (o/weekend will be...)

(or is it possible and I have missed it?)

if the FPLC can do it, why not phenix? Seriously, I don't know how easy or difficult it would be to implement, or if paused runs would still take up too many resources, but it seems like something that might be useful - i.e. set several long runs running, and temporarily interrupt them for other jobs on the same computer (like watching youtube movies, as some people seem to think I do all day...)

Mark J van Raaij
Lab 20B
Dpto de Estructura de Macromoleculas
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia - CSIC
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