[phenixbb] Pause phenix runs

R.D. Oeffner rdo20 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Apr 12 04:35:02 PDT 2013

Hi Mark,

On linux or mac you can always hit ctrl-Z in the terminal window where you started phenix. On Windows you'd have to open resource monitor from the task manager and click on the name of the python process to get the option to suspend it.

If you were looking for hibernating a phenix job that's a different problem.


On Apr 12 2013, Mark J van Raaij wrote:

> Just wondering if being able to pause a phenix run would be something useful. Currently, it appears one can only 
> abort. Currently doing refinement of a large structure, and doing several simultaneous runs with different options is 
> slowing down the computer too much. Individual runs take about 72 hrs, so o/n is not an option (o/weekend will be...)
>(or is it possible and I have missed it?)
> if the FPLC can do it, why not phenix? Seriously, I don't know how easy or difficult it would be to implement, or if 
> paused runs would still take up too many resources, but it seems like something that might be useful - i.e. set 
> several long runs running, and temporarily interrupt them for other jobs on the same computer (like watching youtube 
> movies, as some people seem to think I do all day...)
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