[phenixbb] Ensemble refinement?

Joseph Noel noel at salk.edu
Thu Aug 8 15:38:19 PDT 2013

Is anyone having issues executing ensemble refinement in Phenix? I've tried several times now to run things and it always crashes without returning any maps and just returning a set of large PDB files such as: "TEAS-W273E-FPP-A_ensemble_0.6.pdb, TEAS-W273E-FPP-A_ensemble_0.8.pdb, TEAS-W273E-FPP-A_ensemble_0.9.pdb and TEAS-W273E-FPP-A_ensemble_0.1.pdb". The log file always ends with: 

" Time building chain proxies: 3.01, per 1000 atoms: 0.35
  Number of scatterers: 8638
  At special positions: 0
  Unit cell: (125.75, 125.75, 120.07, 90, 90, 90)
  Space group: P 41 21 2 (No. 92)
  Number of sites at special positions: 0
  Number of scattering types: 7
    Type  Number    sf(0)
     S       19     16.00
     P        2     15.00
     Mg2+     3     10.00
     O      835      8.00
     N      717      7.00
     C     2765      6.00
     H     4297      1.00
    sf(0) = scattering factor at diffraction angle 0.


I only entering a single chain with solvent and ions and hydrogens. All of the other parameters from the GUI are kept the same.

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated.

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