[phenixbb] How to correct translational psuedosymmetry

Appu kumar appu.kumar9 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 09:22:53 PDT 2013

Dear all,
                   I have processed a protein-DNA complex data with
imosflm. Phenix.xtriage suggest that the is a off origin peak of hight
41.702 hight at fractional coordiantes of 0.500 0.021 0.500 with distance
of 40.019 from origin. I am new to such kind of problem, so would you
please suggest me how to solve the psuedosymmetry problem encountered in
data process. The present unit cells are  55.41 109.72 66.61 90 98.74 90 in
space group P1211 with p_value is 3.116e-04. Your help would be much
Thank you
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