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Joseph Noel noel at salk.edu
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Hi Folks,

I am wondering if anyone can recommend some good reference(s) of structure refinements that employed experimental phases. We are attempting to collect experimental phases for a series of structures for which we have refined the structure already. I assume we can easily use initial model phases (space group doesn't change) to locate anomalous scatters and calculate experimental phases from the elucidation of the heavy atom arrangement.

Most of the structures range from 1.7 to 2.4 A resolution. Would also appreciate any advice on the most efficient and accurate set of steps to accomplish this. If anyone thinks that this will not add much to the refinement of these structures would also appreciate some critiques.

The protein in question crystallizes with 68% solvent content and one monomer per assymetric unit. We are employing ensemble refinement as the protein in question displays local conformational changes depending on the type of ligand(s) bound and also pH and similar but distinct crystallization conditions. We are carrying this out on ~400 mutants to do a very large scale comparison.

Sorry for the long email but since we want to try and understand even minor conformational changes I thought phased-refinement would be much more powerful then refining just against the Fs.

Thanks again in advance,

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