[phenixbb] Using phenix_rosetta_refine

Jan Gebauer jan.gebauer at uni-koeln.de
Tue Oct 29 11:57:05 PDT 2013

Thanks! Downloaded a weekly and started compiling overnight... working 
smoothly up to know.
Sorry, for that "nearly self answered" question, but with this huge 
download times trial-and-error just takes a lot of time.


Am 29.10.2013 19:09, schrieb Nathaniel Echols:
> On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 9:47 AM, Jan Gebauer <jan.gebauer at uni-koeln.de 
> <mailto:jan.gebauer at uni-koeln.de>> wrote:
>     1) Am I right to assume that I do NOT have to recompile the dev
>     1523 (1520 states "Python shared library for linux) on Linux?
> Correct, and I'll update the documentation now.
>     2) Which rosetta version do I have to use? Does 3.5 work? There is
>     no 3.6 on rosettacommons... (or is it hidden?)
> You should download one of the new weekly releases.  I had thought 
> that 3.5 would work but it looks like everyone else who has tried this 
> has been using one of the weeklies instead, and that's generally a 
> good idea since we inevitably find bugs as soon as we distribute 
> something new.
> -Nat
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