[phenixbb] warning: do not upgrade Mac OS yet!

Nathaniel Echols nechols at lbl.gov
Wed Oct 30 15:53:36 PDT 2013

Update #2: the weird window behavior should be fixed in the next build,
dev-1525 or newer.  (We're stuck with the font errors for now, but they
seem to be harmless.)  Anyone running Mavericks who prefers to stick with
the 1.8.4 release should patch their installation with the attached file,
which replaces $PHENIX/phenix/wxGUI2/App.py.  For users of the graphical
package, this is here:


If you notice any other strange behavior, please let us know (here, or
bugs at phenix-online.org).


On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 7:22 AM, Nathaniel Echols <nechols at lbl.gov> wrote:
> There is some kind of strange issue with wxPython on the new Mac OS
("Mavericks"), which for at least the 1.8.4 version prevents Phenix
application windows (but not the main GUI) from opening.  It is also
printing out an extraordinary number of warning messages about fonts to the
console.  I'm hoping there is a simple solution (which seems likely, since
1.8.2 is mostly okay despite using the same version of wxPython), but until
we figure out what is causing this, I recommend leaving your Macs
unmolested if you want to use the Phenix GUI.
> Updates to follow if-and-when I fix this.
> thanks,
> Nat
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