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Terwilliger, Thomas C terwilliger at lanl.gov
Mon Jun 2 08:00:41 PDT 2014

Hi Stefan,
I'm sorry about that!  I just changed autosol to require that sequence file and I must have done something wrong. Can you possibly send me the inputs and your log file and I'll fix it?
All the best,
Tom T

On Jun 2, 2014, at 8:41 AM, Stefan Knight wrote:

> I don’t seem to have much luck with Phenix these days… Trying to run Autosol from the GUI but the process aborts immediately complaining that a sequence file is required to run Autosol. I have given it a sequence file in fasta format that is recognised as such when added. I’ve also tried instead pasting the sequence into the Crystal info window but that didn’t help. Grateful for any tip on how to convince Phenix it has all it needs to get going ;-).
> Thanks,
> Stefan
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