[phenixbb] Settings-Directories of MR-Rosetta wizard is altered when phenix-GUI is restarted?

Martin Moche Martin.Moche at ki.se
Thu Nov 13 02:28:20 PST 2014

Dear colleagues,

When restarting phenix followed by opening the "MR-Rosetta(beta)" the Settings-Directories need to be reset each time?

How can I set
Rosetta binary directory name:
Rosetta binary name:
Rosetta script directory name:
Rosetta database directory name:
in Settings-Directories of "MR-Rosetta(beta)" wizard (or elsewhere) so that they do not change each time I restart the phenix-GUI?

These settings are not changed:
Base output folder:
Rosetta path:

Likely "Rosetta path" does not change between phenix-GUI restarts since PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH is set in the shell as:

The "Path to Rosetta" in "Phenix preferences - Wizards" is currently left blank since $PHENIX_ROSETTA_PATH is set in the shell.

I have by accident started a few jobs with mixed (new and old) settings and phenix-GUI starts without error messages and all processors are running 100% CPU, however likely in some infinite loop since no work is performed beyond "place model"...

Best regards,

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