[phenixbb] definition of glycosylation in phenix.refine

Engin Özkan eozkan at uchicago.edu
Tue Nov 18 11:36:59 PST 2014

Hi Nigel,

On 11/18/14 11:38 AM, Nigel Moriarty wrote:
> @Engin
> I think you will find what you are looking for in the GeoStd. As 
> restraints are improved, they are moved from $PHENIX/chem_data/mon_lib 
> to $PHENIX/chem_data/geostd (which is hosted on SourceForge for 
> anybody's use). The directory structure is the same as the Monomer 
> Library with a geostd_list.cif file corresponding to mon_lib_list.cif 
> which specifies the links.
Thank you. That clears it up for me.


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