[phenixbb] input for specifying labin in phenix.find_ncs

Arka Chakraborty arko.chakraborty88 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 02:29:16 PST 2014

Dear Phenix BBers,

I have a seemingly trivial problem in specifying column labels in
phenix.find_ncs. Following the manual, on entering labels as :
phenix.find_ncs xx.pdb yy.mtz params.ncs.labin = "labin FP=F PHIB=PHI
, phenix returns the error :  'Sorry, cannot interpret the keyword:
params.ncs.labin=labin FP=F PHIB=PHI FOM=FOM'. Any clues on what mistake I
might be making will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,



*Arka Chakraborty*
*ibmb (Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona)*
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