[phenixbb] Fw: Fw: Question related to Phenix refinement

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Sat Feb 14 22:08:58 PST 2015

> From the attached the image, on the x-axis you can see the 4' rsrg and 
> 5'rsrg.
> I am looking forward to getting an explanation from you.

Dear Smith, hope this will lead you to the answer:

chevy:/net/chevy/raid1/afonine/sources % which fifig
fifig:      aliased to libtbx.find_files -g
chevy:/net/chevy/raid1/afonine/sources % fifig rsrg
./cctbx_project/mmtbx/refinement/print_statistics.py:    "realsrg" : "rsrg",
chevy:/net/chevy/raid1/afonine/sources %

All the best,
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