[phenixbb] on HIS ** both conformations clash in the flipping

Pavel Afonine pafonine at lbl.gov
Tue Feb 17 12:44:16 PST 2015

This means the procedure cannot resolve a clash automatically asking you 
to have a look. Perhaps resolving this clash involves a concerted motion 
of neighbor residues.

On 2/17/15 1:13 AM, Smith Lee wrote:
> Dear All,
> In the log output of the Phenix refine, for the flipping of the N/Q/H residues before XYZ refinement, it often occurs something like "HIS ** both conformations clash, **PLEASE CHECK MANUALLY**".
> Will you please tell me what will clash with 1 of the 2 conformations of the specified HIS? I have checked the specified HIS in Coot, and I still do not know what does it mean for "both conformations clash".
> I am looking forward to getting a reply from you for clarification.
> Smith
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