[phenixbb] a sharp rise of R-free in resolution bin

Matthew Franklin mfranklin at nysbc.org
Wed Feb 25 12:49:58 PST 2015

Hi Bishal -

I notice you have something funny happening in the 3.8 - 3.3 A bin as 
well.  Did you have ice ring problems in your data?

I suspect your funny R factors are coming from outliers in your 
reflection data.  Reprocessing the data with a careful eye to scaling 
problems or ice rings may help you here.  If this doesn't help, you may 
need to collect a new dataset...

Good luck,

On 2/25/15 1:28 PM, Singh, Bishal wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>  I am refining a structure at 2.3 A resolution. R-work/R-free is 26/31 
> and is not reducing further. When I looked into the resolution bin, I 
> notices a sharp rise  of R-free between resolution range 2.5-2.6 A 
> (marked in figure below). However R-work is fine. I am doubtful of 
> reducing the resolution to 2.5 A or lower. Please suggest me your 
> opinion. Your words will be highly appreciated.
> With regards,
> Bishal Singh
> PhD Student
> University of Heidelberg, Germany
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