[phenixbb] Molecular replacement at low resolution

Gino Cingolani Gino.Cingolani at jefferson.edu
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always check k=180 (2-fold ncs) in addition to whatever high symmetry ncs-axis you think is in your data (e.g. k=45, etc).
There's no guarantee it will work. It's an experimental approach to attempt for difficult MR cases.

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On 5/2/15 11:18 AM, Gino Cingolani wrote:
> If you don't see anything at k=45, then you don't have 8 copies in the
> asu.
While checking self rotation functions is a great idea, I would shy away
from such categorical assertions as self rotation functions are not
always cleanly interpretable (despite GLRF, which is my favorite as
well), and an eight-fold NCS might not be due to an eight-fold rotation:
you can have eight molecules with different arrangements (such as two C4
"tetramers") as well as with improper NCS, or through translational NCS
as well.

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