[phenixbb] feature request: update project

Sebastiano Pasqualato sebastiano.pasqualato at gmail.com
Wed May 6 05:09:24 PDT 2015

Dear Phenix developers,

it happened to me recently to go from one Mac to another, working on the same Phenix projects.
I have the directory synchronised via Google Drive, with the same absolute path. 
Importing a project is not a problem, at all.
The problem is that, if I modify one project on one computer, the changes are not “seen” by the other computer, and there is no way to “update” the project, forcing it to read the info on the .phenix directory.
Would that be difficult to implement?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Sebastiano Pasqualato, PhD
Crystallography Unit
Department of Experimental Oncology
European Institute of Oncology
via Adamello, 16
20139 - Milano

tel +39 02 9437 5167
fax +39 02 9437 5990
web http://is.gd/IEO_XtalUnit <http://is.gd/IEO_XtalUnit>
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